Wigs for First Nations Women with Chemo or Alopecia

First Nations and Indigenous women facing hair loss from chemotherapy or alopecia requires a thoughtful approach that respects cultural sensitivities and acknowledges the unique challenges and perspectives within First Nations communities. Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center’s certified wigologist, Dr. Nicole Cvenkel (Ph.D.), has more than eight years working experience with First Nations Bands and Organizations as well as Indigenous women in British Columbia. The experience and skills developed from Dr. Cvenkel’s working experience will translate well at Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center, with Dr. Nicole’s respectful support of hair loss and the cultural significance of Hair for First Nations women.

For First Nations women, and men, their hair is considered sacred and significant to who they are as an individual, family, and community. Hair expresses culture, pride, and identity. For First Nations and Indigenous culture, hair is their strength, which is a teaching that has been passed down from generation to generation, and hair plays a large part of the Indigenous culture. Hair loss experienced by First Nations women or men can impact their mental health, wellness, and identity.

Causes of hair loss in First Nations communities may result from health disparities such as autoimmune diseases (like lupus and alopecia areata), which can lead to hair loss. Accessibility to health care and community support, and environmental factors can disproportionately affect Indigenous lands and can impact hair health. Culturally traditional hair care practices with the use of herbs, and natural remedies have been used for maintaining hair health and preventing hair loss.

First Nations and Indigenous women can integrate traditional hair care practices with modern treatment of hair loss, including navigating and honoring their cultural beliefs and partnering with Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center, certified Wigologist and Trichology Technician, Dr. Nicole Cvenkel (Ph.D.) who will provide professional private and confidential support to acquire hair prosthetics (e.g. Wig, Topper, Hair Extensions, and Hairpieces) that will simulate your natural hair to keep you looking uniquely beautiful so that you can celebrate your Indigenous Beauty and Strength.

You are invited to call Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center to book a Private and Confidential Wig or Topper Consultation at 1-250-640-6184.

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