Exercising With Your Wig


Tips for Exercising With Your Wig

Exercising with your wig can feel daunting especially if you have Alopecia, undergoing Chemotherapy, or any other Hair Loss challenges. 

Working out with a wig can be done comfortably without accidentally damaging it. When exercising with a wig, ask yourself two questions: Are you doing an activity that will cause you to stress excessively? How secure does your wig need to be on your head?

Keep your wig secure: If a wig fits you properly, you should not have to worry about your wig falling off your head during an activity. If you feel that your wig needs to be tightened on your head, you can adjust your wig using the adjustment straps at the back of the wig. All "Renee's Hair Boutique's Wig caps are adjustable. 

Keep Your Wig out of Your Face: If you are wearing a long wig, you should tie it back like you would your normal hair or in a casual ponytail. You can also wear shorter wigs while exercising, and shorter wigs do not need to be tied back or worry about the hair getting in your face during strenuous exercises. 

Keep a Designated "Workout Wig":  If you are wearing a synthetic wig on a daily basis, you can eventually use this wig as a designated 'workout wig' after approximately 12 - 18 months of use instead of tossing out your old wig, use it as a designated 'workout wig' and tie it back in a ponytail or bun.

Use a Halo Wig: You can also use a halo wig while working out with an exercise hat or turban, or a ball cap. A 'halo wig' is a wig that only has hair on the sides and not on the top so your scalp will have open air. You can use a 'halo wig' with bangs or without bangs. Halo wigs are ideal to wear with a 'Luxury Headwear' Turban, a Bamboo Turban, or just a casual sports cap. If still too hot, you can try pulling your halo wig hair back in a ponytail or bun.

Long and Short Wigs, Halo Wigs, Luxury Headwear Turbans, Bamboo Turbans, and other Headwear can all be purchased at "Renee's Hair Boutique".


Happy Exercising with your Wig!


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