Breast Cancer & Post-Surgery Bras and Breast Forms

Renee's Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center has partnered with Amoena Canada to supply the highest quality handmade medical grade Bras and Breast Forms to support women with Breast Cancer.


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Amoena is leading the way in modern breast care.

Amoena's portfolio offers breast cancer patients support at all stages of their post-surgery recovery.

Amoena is the world's leading breast care brand and the developer of the first silicone breast form. Almost 50 years of experience and the strictest quality guidelines guarantee the highest product quality.

To support women on their journey through breast cancer, Amoena offers product solutions designed to complement each other and work together perfectly.

From recovery care to breast forms, lingerie, swimwear, and lymph care, Amoena products are designed to support women from diagnosis to return to their everyday lives and beyond.

Amoena knows that one size does not fit all. They recognize the importance of choice, and their comprehensive portfolio supports finding what works best for each woman. Their products are designed to complement each other and provide care for every step of a woman's health journey. 


Amoena and Renee's Hair Boutique committed to supporting you to rebuild your confidence.


Amoena and Renee's Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center, are committed and passionate about providing a solution for you on your journey after a breast cancer diagnosis to make your life easier. Amoena's customized solutions are designed with functionality in mind; they are also about style because you deserve to feel great in every situation.

A diagnosis of breast cancer is a huge shock, but Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center is here to accompany you every step of the way, and we are committed to supporting you as you rebuild your confidence. Wherever you are on your breast cancer journey.



Where Healing Begins!

Every woman is different - as is every case of breast cancer.

Recovery care products for initial and post-operative care, such as post-op bras, with their compression function, can provide significant positive support for the surgical outcome and wound healing.

Amoena understands the challenges that women face, this is why all of the product solutions are designed to compliment each other and work together perfectly. Renee's Hair Boutique's Amoena's certified specialist will support women to choose from the range of products that will support them on every step of their journey. Renee's Hair Boutique and Amoena are here to provide optimal care solutions every step of the way.



Healing begins in the sensitive time after surgery. Mastectomy, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lifting, oncoplastic breast surgeries, gentle compression, and soft breast forms nurture and protect while you heal.

Amoena's seamless compression bras have been specially developed to wear after breast surgery. They support the wound healing process by keeping the post-surgical breast secure and supported. In addition, they protect sensitive skin and scar tissue and can ease post-operative edema and pain.



Check out above Tiana by Amoena. This bra is a favorite for those who want a wire-free bra that’s easy to live in every day. Its seamless soft cups give you a great shape, and wide padded straps relieve stress on shoulders. With temperature-balancing fabric to keep you cool when the weather heats up. Now available in warm Mocha, a color that flatters everyone. Pocketed to hold breast forms or shapers if you wear them.



Are you scheduled for breast surgery? Did you know that the bra you wear immediately post-surgery impacts your healing and long-term health? Amoena's compression bras, developed with surgeons, provide proper care from the start. They reduce fluid buildup and discomfort, allow for lymph drainage, stabilize operated breast tissue, and offer soft, seamless comfort. Front closure for easy access to the surgical site. The most recommended by breast specialists worldwide. Different procedures require different compression levels. See us before your surgery to chat about your best healing.







Amoena's CuraScar garments

It is ideal for women who have undergone breast reconstruction using autologous tissue (FLAP surgery). The risk of excessive scarring at the site where tissue has been removed is significantly minimized by using a scar compression garment. Compression garments are used as part of a conservative therapeutic approach in scar therapy. When used early in the treatment phase, CuraScar garments can support the wound healing process and help to ensure a successful surgical outcome.







CuraSupport Comfort

Amoena comfort bras and camisoles are the ideal compassion for customers in the post-op phase and on their journey back to everyday life. They are designed to offer additional comfort and be easy to wear.

After the wound healing phase (6-8 weeks after the operation), the skin and fresh scar tissue can still be extremely sensitive. This is one of the reasons why it is often not yet ideal for women to wear regular bras right away.


Amoena's Comfort Bras, tops and camisoles are the ideal companion for women in the post-op phase and on their journey back to everyday life. They are designed to offer additional comfort and are easy to use.

Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center, is here to support you with your after-surgery healing care. For the sensitive time following your surgery, Renee's have Amoena's post-surgical bras, silicon scar patches, and breast forms designed to nurture and protect delicate skin while gently restoring your shape and confidence.

Amoena soft Priform breast form can be worn immediately after surgery with any of Amoena's front-fastening, gentle compression bras that offer comfort and security while helping to promote healing, health, and well-being. They are also perfect for sleeping in.




Where Confidence Grows!

Breast Forms will perfect your silhouette or shape.

Breast forms and partial breast shapers of the female breast help shape a natural silhouette and restore the necessary body balance.

A perfectly shaped outline is essential for a woman’s mental health and well-being, which is why the right breast form is so important. There's a shape and size for your unique needs, all crafted to the highest standards. Your silhouette/shape is always your first consideration when choosing an outfit, and that’s why the right breast form is so important for pulling off a vast range of looks. What’s more, these breast forms are designed to be easy to use with any of Amoena's ranges of pocketed clothing, so you can get the look you’re after without the inconvenience.








Breast Form Accessories: Adhesive Nipples

Adhesive nipples are ideal for wearing with tight fitting tops. They're fully self adhesive for fast and easy application and removal. Made from a soft silicone that shapes itself to the curve of the breast/breast form. With slightly firmer aureola that is visible through most standard bras. Available in three sizes & four shades - small (3.4cm diam), medium (3.9cm diam) and large (4.9cm diam), ivory, almond, bronze and tawny. Supplied in a pair.





Uneven breasts - it's not the easiest thing to talk about. But, for many women, after breast cancer therapy, they are a fact of life. Breast asymmetry often begins not long after the treatment and recovery process. In addition to the emotional impact, uneven breasts can also lead to physical challenges if the asymmetry is very pronounced. In these cases, the difference in weight could lead to poor posture, which could cause tension in the neck, shoulders, and back.



Why should I wear a Breast Shaper?

Breast asymmetry is a common challenge for women after breast-conserving surgery or reconstruction following a breast cancer diagnosis.

For many women, the asymmetry typically begins not long after the treatment and recovery process and can severely impact their quality of life.

As well as the impact it may have emotionally, women can also suffer from tension and pain in the back, shoulder or neck caused by the weight imbalance. And many experience irritation and discomfort because their bra no longer fits the way it used to. A silicone breast shaper can be a great non-invasive solution for restoring symmetry and rebuilding confidence.


What is a Breast Shaper?

Put simply, breast shapers are silicone moulds you wear in your bra against your skin to restore breast symmetry. There are many different sizes and shapes, so it is important to get professional fitted from Amoena's certified fitter professional at Renee's Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center. Call to book a consultation at 1-250-640-6184.

Amoena's breast shapers are produced in high-quality silicone for an exceptional natural fit and feel. Additionally, Amoena's comfort+ technology absorbs, stores, and releases body heat to regulate and balance fluctuations in body temperature for ultimate comfort all day. 

Amoena breast shapers balance out asymmetry after breast-conserving therapy, breast reconstruction, multiple biopsies, or in the case of natural uneven breast development. The soft silicone shapers fit snugly against the natural curves of the remaining breast tissue and fill the bra cup for a symmetrical silhouette, preventing tension, improving posture, and correcting muscular imbalances.












Where everyday life continues!

Amoena's range of lingerie bras are soft, comfortable, and adjustable. The cups provide the perfect fit with discreet pockets on both sides. They are made with high cut side panels and supportive, anatomically shaped underbust band.




Amoena's Swim Wear

The Amoena Swim Wear is comfortable, with adjustable straps, and discreet pockets on both sides for the aqua wave breast swim form. Amoena's swimwear are made from high-quality, functional materials, with various types of fit for neckline, back and legs.




Celebrate Earth Day with sustainable fashion choices! Discover our eco-friendly pocketed swimwear from Amoena that is stylish and environmentally conscious. Join us in making a positive impact this Earth Day.



Amoena's Aqua Wave Swim Breast Forms

A silicone breast form designed for swimming, made from a bluelish silicone which is water-resistant and dries quickly. The Aqua Wave swimform is ideal for women who participate in water activities. Ideal to leave in the pocket of your swimsuit for extra convenience, supplied with a handy water-resistant bag that's ideal for carrying Aqua Wave and a wet costume.






Where the flow begins!

The Amoena Lymph Care Concept is ideal for women after breast cancer surgery with mild lymphatic disease in the thoracic / chest area. Ameona's Lymph Care concept offers product solution that complement each other and make a contribution to holistic care. The CuraLymph Comfort Products and certain Breast Care Textiles are designed to prevent blocking of the lympthatic drainage, which can be caused by pressure peaks or constrictions.

Together with the Adapt Air or the lightweight breast forms, these products are suitable for patients with mild oedema. These products provide optimal patient care. Amoena's CuraLymph Compression products complement their existing portfolio to provide optimal care and comfort. Medical compression supports lymphatic drainage by increasing interstitial pressure. This is ideal where lymphoedema has developed in the thoracic wall and/or chest. External pressure, in combination with movement of the thoracic area, has a positive effect on reducing the protein-rich lymph, as this pressure activates the lymphangiomotor system.

Amoena's care concept combines products from Recovery Care, Breast Care Apparel and Breast Forms and Shapers. These products solutions complement each other perfectly and make a contribution to holistic care.













Silicone scar patches are ideal for the treatment of reddened and raised scars, as well as for the prevention and therapy of disturbed scars. The patches can be optimally combined with Scar Garments.

Amoena's CuraScar silicons are ideal for the treatment of scars following a surgical procedure as the use of silicone pads and compression significantly minimizes the risk of excessive scarring in the wound area. CuraScar silicons are used as part of a conservative / non-invasive therapeutic approach in scar therapy. When applied early on in the treatment phase (after wound closure), CuraScar silicons aid the scarring and wound healing processes and create optimal healing conditions for the skin.



Worried about scarring? Amoena's CuraScar Silicone Patches prevent scar tissue from drying out - reducing scar hardening, thickening, discoloration, and itching. Not all silicone is created equal—Amoena's medical-grade silicone patches are the only ones backed by a Health Canada license for effectiveness. You can use these strips as soon as your incision has sealed and even up to 2 years post-surgery! Easy to cut, use, and reuse (up to 6 weeks for each strip). Drop by Renee's Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center for a chat about how we can support your healing.










In partnership with Amoena, Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center, has the solution to support women with breast cancer, and diverse breast post-surgeries. We supply Amoena products for recovery care, breast forms, breast shapers, lingerie and swimwear, lymph care, and complementary accessories to support women with their breast care, health and recovery journey.

You are invited to visit or call Renee's Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center (1-250-640-6184) to book a private and confidential consultation with Amoena's certified fitting professional, Dr. Nicole Cvenkel (Ph.D.) who will support you with choosing the right bra, breast form, breast shaper, lymph care, and accessories to maintain your health and well-being, self-esteem, personal style, sense of normalcy, and unique beauty.





Dr. Nicole Cvenkel (Ph.D)




Participate in Breast Cancer Canada PRO's Research Study
Participate in Breast Cancer Canada PRO's Research Study