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Welcome to Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center.

Our Mission is to support you with Hair Loss Solutions, Transformative and Uniquely Beautiful Hair Prosthetics, Breast Care, and Scalp Health.



Hair Loss is the most obvious side effect of chemotherapy. Most people who undergo chemotherapy experience considerable hair loss. The emotional turmoil hair loss creates is yet another major burden added to the other health problems of the person undergoing treatment. When hair falls out self-esteem plummets. The Soul Suffers too. A full head of hair symbolizes vitality, attractiveness and self-confidence.

If you are confronted with this problem, you need to consider what would be the best thing to do about it. Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center will help you find the solution that is best for you.



Cancer cells are known to divide frequently. This is what causes cancer to spread and to travel. Chemotherapy is designed to target frequently dividing cells and to inhibit their dividing mechanism. Simply stated, chemotherapy inhibits the reproduction of cancer cells. Hair cells are also known to divide frequently. This is what makes hair grow. Unfortunately, chemotherapy does not differentiate between frequently dividing cancer cells or frequently dividing hair cells.

Therefore, chemotherapy is as effective at arresting the development and reproduction of hair cells as it is with cancer cells resulting in significant hair loss. Most people receiving chemotherapy will begin seeing a limited amount of thin, fuzzy hair a few weeks (2-3 weeks) after their last treatment. Real hair starts to grow properly within a month or two of the last treatment. After 5 months some 2-3 inches of hair may have grown. People with very short hair may be able to wear their previous hair style at this time.



Today, there are a variety of options available to those who experience hair loss due to chemotherapy. The choices range from doing nothing, wearing a stylish headscarf, or utilizing a wig to either mimic your current hairstyle or to transition into a hip new hair style, using hairpieces, hair extensions, etc.

Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center supplies essential high end luxury wigs that will no doubt contribute to your psychological health and well-being during this often stressful and difficult time. Wigs will improve your sense of well-being and ensure top wearing comfort with their specialized properties and premium quality production. Soft bases with velvet trimming are kind and gentle on a highly irritated and stressed scalp which often results as a side effect of chemotherapy. Our wigs look natural and are very lightweight. This helps the scalp to remain cool and comfortable.

Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center luxury wigs come in a variety of colors, styles, sizes and construction that are methodically planned out and categorized to allow for a gamet of possibilities. Our experience as hair replacement specialists along with the large number of different wig models available in our stock line will invariably ensure that you will find a wig that is right for you.

You decide which wig fits you personally. We will gladly offer our professional advise, and skills. Together we will procure the correct hair solution for you to wear for some time to come. This partnership will also help to eliminate any more excessive thought or ambivalent feelings about your choice. Our goal is to help make your choice as easy and seamless as possible, and to keep you looking your uniquely beautiful self.

By using Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center range of wig hair care products regularly, your wig will last longer and will keep its silky shine and natural hold.

For storing wigs overnight, a wig stand has proven effective and has become an indispensable aid.



Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center has a variety of wigs available and includes almost every hairstyle and color. In order for a wig to perform properly it must appear natural. It must be comfortable, and its attachment must be secure. Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center, certified Wigologist, Dr. Nicole Cvenkel (Ph.D.) has the knowledge, skills, and experience to fit you with a wig that will meet all three criteria.

When choosing a hairstyle for your wig, you should consider the styling and maintenance required to keep it as fresh and new looking. As a rule, the longer the hair, the greater the care requirements. Another major factor to consider is whether the hair should be synthetic, human or a mix of both (human hair and synthetic).

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Uniquely Beautiful
Uniquely Beautiful



Synthetic and Heat-friendly wigs are beautiful and luxurious. Human Hair Wigs, subject to care, are a class by themselves and can thus meet individual emotional needs.

Give yourself time to prepare for hair loss before you begin chemotherapy treatments. Therefore, the best time to schedule a consultation with Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Center’s certified Wigologist, Dr. Nicole Cvenkel (Ph.D.), is when your hair is still growing normally before your treatments begin or after your first treatment at the very latest.

As alternative hair replacement specialists, Dr. Nicole Cvenkel (Ph.D.) will work with you to find a style that is right for you, to make it truly part of you. Dr. Nicole will educate you on how to wear, care and handle your wig to get the most satisfaction out of it for as long as possible.


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Renee’s Hair Boutique, Hair Loss Solution Center has luxury specially developed headscarves, turbans, and headwear that are a fashionable alternative to wigs for hair loss. They give you the option of comfortably covering your head when you are not wearing your wig or hairpiece (such as while it is drying, during the night, etc).



Uniquely Beautiful


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