A Solution For Every Scalp and Hair Problem


If you are suffering from one of the ailments listed below or if you have noticed the thinning of your hair or have experienced Hair Loss, it is important to take immediate Action.

1. Chemotherapy and Cranial Radiotherapy

2. Cradle Cap

3. Crusty Scaly Plaques on the Scalp

4. Dry, Brittle or Dull Hair

5. Dry or Oily Dandruff

6. Genetic Hair Loss in Women (diffuse, profuse)

7. Hair Loss in Men

8. Hair Loss after Pregnancy

9. Itching

10. Localized Hair Loss

11. Oily or Dry Scalp

12. Seasonal Shedding (Spring & Fall)

13. Skin Inflammation on the Scalp


When is the Right Time to Think About Hair Loss Prevention?

Renee's Hair Boutique - Capilia Hair Loss Solution Centre, is all about believing in the importance to adopt a proactive attitude as well as good habits towards your hair and scalp. Even if hair loss is not an issue.

Did you know that Healthy Hair can only grow on a Healthy Scalp?

Have you every thought about having the condition of your scalp analyzed?

Ask Renee's Hair Boutique Capilia Trichology expert for advice on how to provide your scalp with the care it really needs. 


Is Your Scalp Healthy?

Ailments of the hair and scalp are common and their symptoms can be unpleasant for those who suffer from them: itching, redness, dandruff, bad odor from oily scalp, and in certain cases, hair thinning and hair loss.

Capilia Head First : Is a Hair Loss Prevention and Scalp Therapy program designed to target  scalp conditions, thinning hair and hair loss in men and women.

Solution Offered: It is possible to stabilize and/or delay hair thinning. You can also determine or manage scalp ailments. To do so, it is crucial to begin targeted care as soon as the problem manifests.























Capilia Trichology Hair Care Products

We are proud to say that Capilia Trichology Hair Loss products are green. Using biocompatible processes and biodegradable products.

Following comments and suggestions of people from the beauty industry, biochemists came up with the Capilia Line. These products are extremely rich in natural active ingredients and designed for all hair and skin types. They offer proven therapeutical benefits that help with a wide range of scalp ailments, hair thinning and hair loss.

Capilia Head First Trichology Products is all about preserving health for your hair and scalp and our planet.


Contact - Renee's Hair Boutique - Capilia Hair Loss Solution Centre, Pine Centre Mall, Prince George today and through our Trichology expert, you will discover first hand all we have to offer.

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